Two-a-Days Tour: Pittsburg Pirates

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) -   The Pittsburg Pirates took their community on a great ride last season, falling one game short of the state championship.  This year the Pirates share a district with two defending state champs, Gilmer and Carthage.

Despite some talented returning players including starting quarterback Mitch Manley, the Pirates aren't picked to even make the playoffs.  The Pirates say big deal, We never are.

"In my three years coming in we've been picked 4th in district, 5th in district," said Manley.  "And we've always managed to either get a bi-district championship or a district championship. So I mean we're just going to come play ball and we don't really concentrate too much on the polls. We want to outscore them and do our thing."

Making a long playoff run in 2009, the Pirates want more playoff success.

"It was a great feeling to go that deep in the playoffs last year," said center Bubba Garcia. "When I lost to Graham, I knew I didn't want that feeling anymore. I want to go all the way this year."

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