8-year-old killed in crash, charges likely

Photo Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress
Photo Source: Jacksonville Daily Progress

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas boy is killed and authorities say it is at the hands of a distracted driver.

Authorities in Jacksonville say Cameron Robinson, 8, died Monday when his family's car was stopped at an accident on Highway 69, and another driver slammed into them from behind.

"Everybody loved Cameron," said Julie Robinson, Cameron's mother. "Everybody."

Cameron Robinson's tools of the trade sit ready for practice, but will never be used again.

"Oh we loved watching him," said Robinson. "He was a great shortstop. He loved to catch."

Robinson watched her son's talent grow. Cameron was invited to a team in Rusk, shining in his first practice Monday evening.

It had just turned dark when Julie and her two children crested a hill on Highway 69 just south of Jacksonville. When she spotted a wreck up ahead Julie slowed down, but behind her in a black pickup Alexander Alvarado, 28, kept right on going.

"The pickup truck struck the back of the Toyota Corolla and pushed it further up the road and off the road," explained Trooper Jean Dark, with DPS.

Julie and daughter Chelsea walked away from the wreck. Cameron, buckled up, remained trapped in the backseat. Authorities say the driver of the truck came to a stop...eventually.

"Was that something that was a contributing factor the not paying attention? Absolutely," said Dark.

Crews working the other wreck rushed to help. Nearly instant care was not enough to save Cameron as he suffered a severe head injury. It is a tragedy authorities say could have been avoided.

"Ultimately, what it comes down to is paying attention to what's going on around you," said Dark. "If the driver of that vehicle had been paying attention...it could possibly have never have happened."

It was a fatal error leaving a Jacksonville slugger no longer looking up to his heroes, but watching from above.

"He was sweet, he was helpful and he had plans to play baseball forever," said Robinson.

DPS says investigators are pursuing criminal negligent homicide charges against the driver of the other vehicle.

Funeral arrangements for Cameron will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon at Autrey Funeral Home in Jacksonville.

Special thanks to the Jacksonville Daily Progress for photos of the crash.

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