Easy-Off Heat Activated Microwave Wipes: "Does It Work?"

The microwave oven has certainly made life in the kitchen easier. But, leave something in there a little too long and "boom", you have a nasty mess to clean up. From the people who brought you "Easy-Off Oven Cleaner" comes a version for your microwave. You may have seen it on TV... amazing results. And this week, we're putting it to the "Does It Work?" test. They're the new heat-activated wipes that pop! We don't care so much if they pop, as long as they can clean.

The makers assure us, they've hit the jackpot using the power of heat to clean your microwave. We found a tough opponent in the KLTV break room microwave. The gunk was baked on thick and hardened. We can't imagine a microwave that's much worse.

This product is a little bit like microwave popcorn. You get six in a box. And don't you dare open them before they cook. There's even a "this side up" marking on the package. Place it in the middle of the microwave, set the power level to high and let it cook for 1 minute. Pretty soon, it pops... just like its popcorn counterpart. You'd best leave it alone for a while. The bag is very hot. In fact, you're instructed to let it set inside the oven for 3 minutes before opening... partially for your own safety. But it also gives the special cleansers released in the "pop", a chance to spread their mist around, softening up all that gunk.

Pull out the towelette inside the now opened bag, and go to work.

The gunk dissolved remarkably easy. Ten minutes later, we were done.

The towelette was soaked with the stuff from inside the oven.

While it looked clean-- sparkling clean-- we felt we could do better. When we ran our hands across the bottom of the oven, we felt some grime we couldn't see. This was a tough, tough job... probably worse than any microwave mess you could imagine. (Haz-Mat bad)

Just for fun we threw in a second bag to see what we could accomplish.

And minutes later we were getting feel for what a more normal clean-up would be like. Anything that was left behind was completely dissolved.

So, "Does It Work?" --- We give the Easy-Off Microwave Wipes a "yes".

You can get a box of 6 for 3.49 at any grocery store.