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School supplies list? Check! Wallet? Check! Time to go shopping!


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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A lot of East Texans are outraged about some school supply lists. The sticking point seemed to be buying supplies for other children. I was curious to find out exactly how much a family would end up spending on school supplies.

With one goal in mind, I headed to Target. My mission: to fill a school supplies list and find out just how much it all costs.

As I went down the aisles, I thought of Michelle Brents. An East Texas mom who shared her story with us, frustrated by her children's detailed school supplies lists.

"It gets outrageous to the point that I'm surprised they don't have us bring five gallon containers of diesel fuel to run those mowers," said Brents.

So I took her child's list and began checking the items off, looking for the best price as I went along.

We got a large backpack without wheels for $9.99 - a pretty good buy! Two containers of baby wipes cost $.97 a piece. Two boxes of #2 pencils were $2.14 a piece. At times, the list was specific asking for name brands. Fiskers brand metal scissors were $1.79. One pack of Expo markers was $3.44

I finished filling the list, slowly but surely, asking for help along the way.

Finally, it was time for the check out line and time to see how much damage was done.

After finding all of the items on a first grade school supplies list. The grand total was $54.13 just for one kid!

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