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Are school supplies lists making you mad?


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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Families are preparing to send their kiddos back to school, and checking off the school supplies list is a priority for most. But, parents often complain that the list can be lengthy, and they find themselves spending more than they bargained for.

East Texas school districts say the supplies are necessary, but one mom says she feels like a victim and the sky is the limit when it comes to schools' requests.

Shopping carts are filled to the brim. Back to school shopping is here, and parents and kids are checking off their school supplies lists. But for some, the start of the school year means spending money.

"They are like so pumped up for school, 'Mom, school is going to start,' and I'm trying to be pumped up with them, but every time they shine that list, I mean, I probably need to get some medication. I am just done with that list," said Michelle Brents, a mom of three.

As she gets ready to send two of her kids back to Wise Elementary, she has compared school supplies lists with other East Texas districts and highlighted what she calls outrageous requests.

"Nine dozen, #2 wooden pencils," reads Brents. "Tissue with lotion...Crayola, brand name...solid deodorant stick...the stinky kids...15 glue sticks, what are they doing with them?"

"Students can bring their back pack that they had last year, they can bring the scissors that they had last year so what I recommend is take the list, look at what they already have," said Becky Chenevert, the principal of Wise Elementary School, in Chapel Hill ISD.

She says teachers would like students to have everything on the list, but if they can't afford it, the school will help provide the supplies.

"If you buy everything on the list, $40 is probably the minimum," said Chenevert.

"$40 is a lot for me, especially if you have multitudes of kids," said Brents, who would spend at least $120 on her three kids.

"What's the point of having a public school system when you have to pay for this out of pocket?" asked Brents.

They are wondering where the line should be drawn.

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