Cowboys defense forcing the issue

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

(KLTV) -   It's too early to call them 'Doomsday' but the Cowboys defense was dominant in their preseason debut against the Bengals.  Wade Phillips pushed all the right buttons Sunday night.  The Cowboys pitched a shutout for nearly four quarters and were making big plays the entire game.  The defense had four sacks and forced four Bengals turnovers, one of which ended in a touchdown.  The defense struggled to get the ball last season and hope to create more turnovers this season.

"I mean we definitely have a great offense with guys like Romo, Miles and Roy and Barber," said Safety Alan Ball.  "We've got a great offense so we want to get as many opportunities to the get the ball in their hands as possible. Whether it's third downs and getting guys off the field, whether it's interceptions or fumbles."

Bradie James says more turnovers would help, but the defense is already strong.

"You can't have it all," said James.  "But if you could, it would be great to get more turnovers. But I'd rather stop the run, get a couple of shutouts and still get the same results."

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