Authors event promotes reading old fashioned books

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A Longview group is promoting reading the old fashioned way, real paper pages in real books. With all the information you'd ever want to find online, many feel that hardback books may become a thing of the past. But a gathering by a group in Longview is focused on bringing back the printed page.

"We have the Internet we have television and we have stories on television, but I would like to know that children would put this in their hand , read and have their parents read to them and enjoy it," says Longview author Caroline Wynn.

Every quarter, Barrons gift store brings in east Texas authors to meet and greet, sign copies of their books and promote an almost lost art. Reading books.

"I'm a firm believer , I like the book I read books all the time, the bottom line is I like to go in an highlight things write notes, and when I'm done reading a book its pretty butchered. I've got a tool I can go back to and quickly get to the beef, that's the beauty of having a book, a physical copy you can work with, versus something on the Internet," says White Oak author David Carr.

"There's something about the author signing the book, makes the book even more special," says Christian book author Betty Wells.

For most, its a passion and a legacy they want to survive.

"I think so and I've been really heartened by the number of people who have show up at this event, a lot of great response been very happy with it," says author Gary Borders.

For information on the authors , and when they will hold book signings, you're asked to call barron's in Longview.

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