A Better East Texas: Football Helmet Safety

Well Congress and the NFL have studied it and now it is time for high schools and specifically the UIL to act on it. I am talking about the safety issues surrounding football helmets. Hard shell helmets were introduced to the game back in the nineteen forties and were designed to prevent catastrophic head injuries to the players. But today, the helmet has morphed into the tip of the spear and is part of a football player's weaponry. The U-I-L has specific rules about how a player should use or not use a helmet at the time of impact with another player. The problem is that many coaches actually teach players to lead with their head into another player. This is a direct violation of the rules but players and coaches do it all the time.  Head injuries in the game have risen over the past decade to the point that concussions are almost thought of without regard they are so common. And while many injuries happen on professional level, it is the high school level that true, life-long damage is done. So if you are a coach, have a football player in your family or just have a football player as friend that you want to see reach adulthood, act now, before the pre-season training starts and make them commit to avoid helmet to helmet contact.  It will make for a safer game on Friday night and make for a Better East Texas