Mt. Selman veteran finally honored for years of service

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MOUNT SELMAN, TX (KLTV) - Robert Littlefield served the United States during three wars and Friday was finally honored for all the years he dedicated to his country. A representative with Congressman Hensarling's office and the Veteran's Administration went to his home for the presentation, along side his family.

"We're here to present you with your medals and I think Phillip here has a flag for you and its for your time in service," said David Thomason, a Veteran Service Officer, beginning the presentation.

Littlefield gave 24 years of service, starting in the Navy back in 1942, then, on to Korea and Vietnam in the Air Force. He was an aviator, using early navigation equipment in flight, and eventually became a master sergeant during his time in Vietnam. His medals include the National Defense Medal, the American Campaign Medal, The Asian Pacific Campaign, and the World War II Victory Medal.

He was also presented a United States flag.

"It was flown over the Capitol in your honor for your service in the United States Air Force and the Navy," said Phillip Smith, a representative of Congressmen Hensarling.

During WWII Robert Littlefield flew over Japanese islands and says he saw hundreds of Kamikazi.

"They're job was to kill us and we were to kill them in the air," he said.

In Vietnam, he was involved in secret missions, but also had to mow around the Barracks once in a while. After the presentations, he was able to get back to really important business, playing with his great-grandchild.

Robert Littlefield served eight years in the Navy, the remaining 16 in the Air Force, flying 34 missions over Vietnam jamming enemy radar.

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