East Texans taking part in nation-wide trend to cool off

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - What's hot this summer? (Besides the summer, of course.) Well, it's something cold. It's ice cream! According to Time Magazine, sales are up nationwide by 20% and they say it's because of the recession.

It seems it does not matter how broke we are. We are still going to buy ice cream. Sounds strange, but ice cream is hot. Even though the Tyler mall is air conditioned, they still move the cold stuff.

"We go through I don't know how many cups a day," said Kristal McKnight with Dippin' Dots. "By the time 3 o'clock hit we have to count the cups and there could be 100 to 200 cups."

A short walk away people are rushing to Soygurt Land where reports are the same even though it's not really ice cream.

"Sales are great," confirms Dillon Nguyan, Soygurt owner. "I'm up 20% this month."

Folks at the Marble Slab claim winter sales were as good as last summer's. Over at Andy's Aniekan Isong says, "Sales are pretty much up from last year. I've been working here for four years and each year they go up. This year we've pretty much doubled what we did last year."

Brookshire's has brisk sales, too. So, how do East Texans feel about the cool creamy goodness?

"It's a feel good treat…a really hot day and you're poor…get it for very cheap," said Josian Elowe, an ice cream lover.

"I think it's a feel good food and that is one of the pleasantries that we can have all the time without having to feel guilty about spending a lot of money," said Dorothy Sugg.

"I think its more of a mental thing," added Mike Sugg. "People are a little hot under the collar because of the economy so they want to cool down with some ice cream."

"Yeah, it helps," said Don Tanner.

There is no doubt that if your bank account is a little low, at least your mouth can feel rich.

Some businesses have broadened their menus by adding an extra large serving of ice cream or a smaller amount like Dairy Queen's mini-blizzard for around $2.

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