A Better East Texas: 14th Amendment

There has recently been discussion by several U-S Senators that we should repeal the right to citizenship for anyone born on U-S soil if their parents are in the country illegally.  Currently, the law states that, anyone born in the U-S is given automatic citizenship no matter the status of their parents.  This condition is born out of the fourteenth amendment and it would take an amendment to the constitution to modify this provision.  The fourteenth amendment was enacted after the Civil War to give citizenship to descendants of slaves.  Now we have thousands of illegal immigrants giving birth each year in the U-S with their children immediately becoming U-S citizens.  While this law has been taken advantage of the notion of changing it is not realistic.  There is no way to draw the line by going back in time or trying to assign some arbitrary measure of lineage.  If you really think about it, nearly all of us are descendants of immigrants and naturalized citizens including me as my grandfather immigrated from Hungary in nineteen-hundred.  No, rewriting the constitution is not the answer.  The government should stop wasting time and money and address this issue with a comprehensive solution that creates respect for our borders while providing opportunity for appropriate legal immigration – it's the only way to a solution and it will make for a Better East Texas.