Romo's bodyguard

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KLTV) -    They're like the secret service of football.  The most important job for an offensive lineman is to protect the quarterback.  Especially if you're blocking his blind side. Tony Romo's top bodyguard this season is Doug Free.  Free is replacing longtime left tackle Flozell Adams.  Free filled in on the line because of injuries late last season, but this is his first real shot at left tackle.  Free won't talk off the field, but his teammates will.

"He's getting better and better," said Cowboys Offensive Guard Leonard Davis.  "I really don't understand what people are saying, questioning whether he can play."

Free has impressed his teammates so far in camp.  The guys on defense say he's tough to get around.

"He's doing really good to be honest," said All Pro Linebacker Demarcus Ware.  "He's really quick and especially against the run, man he's strong.  I've seen Igor (Olshansky) over there talking to him like man you're a strong guy. That coming from Igor is a big compliment."

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