Shuffleboard Smackdown

This weeks smackdown was so big, the crowd arrived three hours early to get front row seats at the East Fork Restaurant and Club.  Ryan and Coleman were challenged by club legends Jim and Ms. Pearl to a game of table shuffleboard.

Pearl immediately scored two points, but Ryan answered right back with two.  The game was all tied.  Things got ugly for the sports guys after that.

Pearl and Jim both put up some big numbers to build a 14 to 2 lead.  Coleman managed a point and Ryan scored four more thanks to some help from Jim.  Jim knocked his puck just over the edge of the table.

The 7 Sports guys were stuck on 7, and that's how they finished, losing 22 to 7.  After the challenge, the restaurant played 'We Are the Champions,' loud through the speakers.  Pearl said not to feel too bad.  Her and Jim have skunked several teams over the years 21 to 0.