Confident kicker

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KLTV) -   David Buehler isn't your typical kicker.  He out benched 27 offensive lineman at the N.F.L. combine.

"That just shows athletic ability," said Cowboys Wide Receiver Sam Hurd.  "That let's us know what we have out there on the field. If something breaks down, we know he can make something else happen."

He can run the 40, in 4.6 seconds. And he's really cocky.

"Buehler's always challenging people to race in pads," said Linebacker Bradie James.  "Like he does something."

Kickers don't get much respect.  Buehler can kick a football through the endzone.  Can he kick it through the uprights?

"I tell people when I practice I practice putting myself in that game winning kick situation," said Buehler.  "So I feel pressure in practice. I try to mimic that pressure and when I get into games I'll go back to the practice mode."

The Cowboys Super Bowl dreams could hinge on a foot of a kicker that's yet to make an N.F.L. field goal.

"They want me to put 3 points on the board and kickoff as well as I did last year. I want to do better.>

Jerry Jones has been burned by kickers before, but Jones believes Buehler can get the job done.

"I need to instill confidence in my coaches and my teammates and the owner Jerry (Jones) and Stephen," said Buehler.  "So I want everybody to have confidence in me and I have confidence in myself. So I've just got to go in day in and day out, practice well and show them that I can do it."

His teammates believe he can.

"I love that man," said Hurd of his kicker.  "He's got a different role this year, but he's a grown man. He's got to be ready to fill those shoes and I think he is."

"Like you said, Our spots are filled up," said Cornerback Mike Jenkins.  "There's guys ready to play if he's not, but I have a lot of confidence that he's going to come in and do a great job kicking for us this season."

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