New Studies Give Controversial Atkins Diet Promising Review

A diet panned for trading carbohydrates with fat and protein, is now getting attention in mainstream medical magazines. Two new studies in the New England Journal of Medicine say people on the Atkins Diet lose weight faster than conventional dieters.

The study also disproved long held claims that Atkins causes an unhealthy increase in cholesterol levels. In the period the dieters were studied, researchers found cholesterol levels were not a problem.

Many gyms, like Curves for Women in Tyler, promote a similar low-carb diet to get clients' weight under control. Curves, however, introduces some carbs to keep dieters from overindulging later on.

Industry insiders say it's a shame the study came out a month after Atkins died.

"Originally, (Dr. Atkins) already knew that his diet was controversial. He's fought it all this time," says Curves for Women in Tyler owner, Chris Velonsky. "It's just like the poet who dies or the artist who dies, and their art is plastered all over the place. It's the same thing."

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.