Diboll officer involved in controversial traffic stop resigns

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) – Diboll police officer Grant Jones has resigned amid a flurry of debate surrounding a controversial traffic stop last week.

Jones gave his formal resignation Tuesday afternoon at 2:30.  "His resignation was short, and to the point," according to Diboll City Manager Dennis McDuffie.  "He gave no specific reason for his resignation.  He did include that he had enjoyed working for the Diboll Police Department and that his resignation was effective today," McDuffie said.

The stop in question occurred on July 27 as Tracey Lott was driving his friend, Johnny Hodge, to a hospital when he was pursued by Diboll Police into Lufkin city limits. Lott pulled over at the intersection of U.S. 59 and College Street, where Jones used his pistol to shatter the windshield.

Lufkin Police was called as backup and their police dash cam video shows Officer Jones holding the driver, Tracey Lott, in his custody for about 30 minutes.  The video also shows LPD Officer Hector Rosales asking Jones if he had called for emergency personnel to assist Hodge. Jones tells Rosales he did, then it shows Rosales confirm that emergency personnel was on the way.

The video then shows an ambulance arrive and EMTs check Hodge, then leave.

Lott had previously said Hodge had declined transportation by ambulance because he could not afford it.

McDuffie said Jones' resignation followed an internal investigation into a traffic stop where Jones detained an elderly man during a medical emergency.  He said the internal investigation found while Officer Jones did many things right during that traffic stop, "some procedures were not properly followed."  McDuffie didn't specific which procedures and he said no recommendations for reprimand were made in light of Jones' resignation.

A search for a replacement will begin immediately.  McDuffie said the Diboll force of 13 sworn peace officers was now down by three positions.

When asked how he felt about Jones' resignation, McDuffie said, "I always hate to lose good people, however, if he felt like he needed to resign, he needed to resign."

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