Meals On Wheels Turns 30

Everyday Jill Morehouse grabs a box, counts her meals and loads up her car, heading out on the open road.

"There is a big need out there and as one person you do make a big difference," Jill says.

Jill is one of many Meals On Wheels volunteers.

"When I took my first route I realized there was a real need here. More than 27 hundreds seniors in East Texas rely on Meals on Wheels for food, and each month the number grows.

"In the month of April alone we gained 150 more senior citizens."

So Jill takes an hour out of her day, to brighten some elses.

"That was the best part -- the instant gratification. I feel very selfish actually. They get to where the love seeing you and they meet me at the door now -- I feel honored that they do that for me by the end of each afternoon."

More than a dozen people on her route will have a healthy meal that warms the heart and soul.