Tyler Gets Another Sister City

At the bottom of the world -- in the country of Chile -- Tyler residents now have a home away from home. That's because the Rose City has a new "sister city."

Delegates from the city of Lo Barnechea, Chile and Tyler Myor Joey Seeber signed documents Thursday to become sister cities. The Chilean group has visited city hall, the Rose Garden and the Tyler Museum of Art during their stay, which will end Sunday. For both cities, it's a chance to learn about one another, and grow together.

Alex Fernandez of Lo Barnechea says, "Since we've been here, it's been very enjoyable. To meet new people, exchange ideas, tell them about our country, and hopefully many of you will go down and visit us."

Lo Barnechea is one of more than 30 districts that make up the metro area of the capital, Santiago. The captial region has a total population of nearly five million.