Passport stolen week before adopting in Ethiopia

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A native East Texan is without a passport, and it was stolen from her less than a week before she's scheduled to pick up an adopted child from Ethiopia.

Elizabeth Lyons, 38,  was at her 20th high school reunion when her purse was stolen from her car. Her passport was inside that purse.

Lyons planned the trip to Ethiopia to pick up a two-year-old girl that is being adopted by her sister, Julie. "Julie and I have been close, especially since adults. So we talk all the time, and we have gone through the process together," said Lyons.

The date's been set. The sisters are scheduled to pick up Anna on August 7. Elizabeth's purse was stolen Friday night. She said, "I haven't even told her [Julie] I have lost my passport, because I don't want her to worry too much."

The Montana resident says her purse was taken while she was at her 20th Robert E. Lee high school reunion.  All of her identification was also in the purse. "It is such a short period of time between now and when we leave, and without any sort of ID, it is going to be difficult to get it replaced," said Lyons.

In the meantime, Lyons is asking for help. "It's about a foot tall, and it's a black pouch. So, you know, like on a laundry bag, you have that string you pull on. It's made in Cambodia." Lyons added, "It would be wonderful to get just the passport back. The other stuff, I don't care about."

She says there's no no room for travel flexibility."This embassy date is pretty much set in stone. We can't really change it, and she [Julie] can't go alone." Lyons says she is hoping for a miracle as her family gets ready to expand.

If you have any information on the stolen purse and passport, contact the Tyler Police Department.

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