Double Trouble

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KLTV) - Standing six feet, four inches tall and weighing 262 pounds, Demarcus Ware is a scary sight for quarterbacks. Then they look on the other side, to see six foot three inch, 260 pound Anthony Spencer.

"I think we have the two best (outside linebackers) in the league right now," said Head Coach Wade Phillips. "Put those two guys together and I don't think there's any two outside backers better than those two."

One looks like Mr. Clean, the other needs a shave. When they put on their helmets, they share a dominant look.

"It's a give and take relationship," said Spencer. "Because we're together so much and see so many different blocking schemes and so many things that we talk about it all time. I know what he's going to do over there and he knows what I'm going to do on my side."

Ware is already one of the games best. Spencer is getting there, earning high praise from Cowboys players and cowboys.

"He came on in the middle of last year and just played as well as anyone I've been around," said Phillips.  "And I've got a guy going into the hall of fame this year named Ricky Jackson."

Ware says Spencer's growth can only help him become more dangerous for quarterbacks.

"It's going to help me a lot because now teams can't key on one guy," said Ware. "They can't key on Bradie James or Keith Brooking. They have to key on the two guys coming off the edge because we're streaming and we're coming."

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