5 days of 100-plus heat...STAY COOL!

By Mark Scirto - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - So far this summer, we have not had an extended period of extreme heat in East Texas…until NOW.

High pressure is building in the upper levels of the atmosphere along with a surface high and this pattern is likely to cause high temperatures for the next five days to be at or slightly above the 100 Degree Mark.

Southwesterly winds at the surface will aid in allowing temperatures to rise to the century mark as these winds are warm and dry.

Make sure you take lots of breaks if you are working outside during this heat wave. Get into the shade or the air conditioning as often as possible. Drink lots of non-alcoholic beverages and if you begin to feel bad, in any way, make sure you stop and get inside. Please check on the elderly as well. Make sure they are as cool as possible.

Chances for a cooling shower are nonexistent through the early part of next week. Two Words…STAY COOL!!!

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