A Better East Texas: Security leaks

First it was the Russian spy ring that was busted in the northeast and now we have the scandal of classified documents being leaked through the website WikiLeaks. The Russian spies were positioned as criminals and deported but the founder of WikiLeaks has been received with a certain reverence in some circles. The Russian spies received their justice by being shipped back to Mother Russia but the operators of WikiLeaks will probably not receive any punishment at all. America was built on the promise of freedom of speech and, compared to other countries, our government is very open but some information must be kept private – for two reasons. In this case, there are numerous mentions of specific military operations that may be on-going or in planning. As their information becomes public, the safety of our military personnel is in jeopardy from the enemies of our nation. The second reason is that we all have private information that deserves to remain private. Actions like this by sites like WikiLeaks erode the chances that our individual privacy will be preserved. The leakers need to be brought to justice and WikiLeaks needs to exercise some responsibility by preserving our country's private matters, strengthening America and making for a Better East Texas.