Disc Golf Smackdown

It was time to hit the golf course for the 7 Sports Smackdown.  Sort of.  The guys headed to the disc golf course at UT Tyler to play nine holes against Mike Hutchins and his teammate Benny.

Through the first four holes, the two teams were even.  Ryan and Coleman missed a golden chance for birdie on the third hole.  The challengers finally took the lead on the fifth hole, after Ryan and Coleman were buried deep into the trees.

The 7 Sports guys had a chance to even things up on the next hole, but had shots go in and out of the tray.  Meanwhile, Mike and Benny kept up the pace.

Down two holes going into eight and nine, the 7 Sports guys needed two birdies.  Despite a nice shot from Ryan, it was only for par.  The 7 Sports guys lose by two shots.