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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - What to wear? It is an age old question that crosses the minds of most women on a daily basis. Now, there are websites that give answers with the click of a mouse. Users just snap a picture of their outfit, send it, and let the world wide web do the rest.

"If I'm questioning something like if two textures don't look alike, I call my sisters, not my husband," said Brittney Brathweight.

"He is just like, 'Yeah, whatever, it's okay,'" said Anna Robles.

Women often need an unbiased opinion when it comes to fashion advice. That is where websites like Fashism.com and Gotryiton.com come into play.

Users upload photos and ask questions. The online community responds with constructive feedback.

"They can be as critical as they like and not know who it is," said Brathweight.

I put my outfit to the test. I didn't know I would be doing this story so there was no preparation outfit-wise beforehand. I chose an outfit that I thought would be professional yet cool enough for the hot East Texas weather.

I also put two people from our newsroom on the line. Joe French and Gracie Maldonado.

"I want to look professional but have something trendy on and I don't know what's too much and what's too conservative at the time," said Maldonado.

"I really like a Bohemian style - like very free spirited and loud," explained French.

In just a few minutes, advice began to roll in.

"I think a more fitting top would be better on TV," one comment advised about my outfit, which was true. My shirt was a little baggy.

"Blazer fits you really well," said one person about Maldonado's outfit. "[Wear] darker jeans."

At the end of the day, the girl outfits were given a thumbs up, with an 88% approval. Joe's outfit was a different story, receiving a 22% approval.

"You are getting a lot of 'trim-the-beard' advice," I said to French.

"Yep, too bad I'm not going to," he replied.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether to take or leave the advice.

If you are seeking style advice and want to try the websites out for yourself, here you go:

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