Cross burning suspects claim innocence

Noah Kincel
Noah Kincel
Patrick Jacks
Patrick Jacks

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

BRONSON, TX (KTRE) – Almost a month after a Bronson family found a burning cross in their front yard, authorities have two suspects -- Noah Kincel and Patrick Jacks.

Despite being charged with terroristic threat, both men maintain their innocence.

"I didn't burn that cross. I told the sheriff I'd even have a polygraph but it didn't do [any] good," said Kincel.

"No, that's not me. If I have a problem with someone I'll go to their face and talk to them about it," said Jacks.

The Sabine County Sheriff's Department arrested both men last week, when witnesses came forward with crucial information.

"They have a burnt cross they say and they're word across the tracks and as far as I know that's it," said Kincel.

Both men say they know exactly who talked to investigators. In fact, one is Jacks cousin.

They feel they have been set up and have no idea as to why anyone would give their names to authorities.

"Maybe they're trying to get the heat off their back. I don't know. I don't have that answer," said Jacks.

They're afraid for the safety of their families because they say many in the community jump to conclusions, without motive or reason.

"A lot of people said they did it. A lot of people said other people did it. To tell you the truth, they don't know who did it," said Kincel.

A week after bonding out of jail, they claim the sheriff's department has done little questioning.

"All they asked is where I was and if I did it and that was it and carried me to jail. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty but I guess not," said Jacks.

Now, they are asking for peace. Numerous death threats have poured-in over the internet.

"Gonna get shot driving down the road, not a chance to defend myself or hit my wife or my baby so yeah that worries me," said Jacks.

A worry they say they can't put past them, until authorities find who is really responsible for leaving a burning cross behind.

On the night of July 5th, Jacks says he was out of town.

Kincel says he was at his mother's house all evening.

Both men have their first court appearance on August 25th.

However, They say they can't afford an attorney.

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