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What Others Have to Say

Two years ago we found a house that Pyramid Homes built in Lindale, Texas. This house met our needs, and because of the quality  of construction and the extras offered, its price amazed us.  It didn't take us long to decide that we would like living in this house, but there was some changes that we wanted to make.  Anwar, we appreciate your willingness and cooperation in assisting us in personalizing the house.   We repainted rooms, moved walls, upgraded appliances, changed counter tops, changed wallpaper, and various other things.  Thank you for your patients and the cheerful manner in which you made these changes in order for the house to become our home.


After having lived in the house, as with any new home we soon discovered that there were some minor things that needed attention.  Once again we want to thank you for the approach that you took in attending to these details.  As soon as we called; you came.  You worked until we were completely satisfied.  We found that this is the way you operate in solving all problems.


We've had people in the attic installing television cable tell us how well the attic is insulated.  We have had other people painting or doing things to the house make comments such as "Anwar builds a nice house."  We are proud that this house is our home.


Woody was working with someone at the bank the other day and the person at the bank made the comment that you are an honest person.  We have certainly found this to be true, but it was nice to to know our builder has earned the reputation of being honest and fair by the members in the community.


We are trying to say thank you for the wonderful home that we have and the part that you played in providing it.  If we ever have the need for another home, we hope that you will be willing to construct it.  Working with you has been more than a satifactory experience.




Woody & Betty Wright





We purchased a newly constructed, 4-bedroom home in the Timbercreek Addition from Pyramid Homes,   Khalifa, Inc.  I must say that my dealings with its owner, the Chairman of Khalifa, Inc., Mr. Anwar Khalifa, have been commendable.  My family and I were impressed by the home's practicality, functionality, and      reasonable pricing.  Mr. Khalifa has remained very attentive to our needs for minor adjustments after the sale.  Mr. Khalifa has been honest and accommodating in our transactions.  The quality and craftsmanship of the home's construction has been satisfactory and their attention to detail is exemplary.  


Ralph Obach, Tyler, Texas





Dealing with Anwar . . . Khalifa, Inc. for the past years leads me to the following conclusion:  His customers think that he walks on water and recommend him to everyone.  His subcontractors are loyal, dependable, and enjoy dealing with someone with Anwar's integrity.


Don Formby, Sears Contractor Sales






Khalifa, Inc. d.b.a. Pyramid Homes built our first home that we ever owned.  We have been nothing but satisfied with the kind of conscientious treatment that we received. 


Anwar was concerned about all the details of the house from the moldings in the rooms to helping us find a contractor for the backyard fence.  He was always patient with our questions and wanted to make sure we were happy with the service not only he, but also the subcontractors, were providing us.


Four years after that move in date, we can still feel completely comfortable in calling Anwar if we have any questions or concerns about our house.  Although he is under no legal obligation to do so, he still makes certain that we are happy with the way the house was built.


It is a pleasure doing business with someone who truly cares about the homeowner as an individual and not as a one time buyer.  We more than recommend Pyramid Homes to anyone contemplating having a home built.]


John and Cindi Musick, Tyler, Texas                                                                                                                                   






In October, 1996 we purchased our new home from  Pyramid Homes. It was a great floor plan along with so many extras such as ceramic tile, lots of molding, trey ceilings, lots of ceiling fans and a "user friendly laundry room" that originally sold us on the house.  However, it is Pyramid Homes' service after the sale that receives the highest marks from us.  Every request has been attentively looked after, with our complete satisfaction the goal.  For this reason I would highly recommend a Pyramid Home.


Steve (& Donna) Tindall







I am writing this letter to thank you for the outstanding job you did on building our dream home at 5611 Thomas Nelson Drive. Due to your efforts it was an enjoyable experience. We really did enjoy working with you. You were always willing to answer our questions, even late at night.



it was obvious you cared about us and did everything possible to meet our needs. I was very impressed with how you were able to listen at what we wanted and was able to build a floor plan to meet those needs.


We are also pleased with your follow-up after the sale. There have been minor issues, but you have responded to all in a timely manner.


Please feel free to have any future customers call us as a reference if needed.


Randy & Shelia Pierson






As first time homebuyers, we were very surprised at how far our home buying

dollar went.  We found the quality and amenities that were standard in Pyramid Homes were only available in other much more expensive homes. Our experience with Anwar Khalifa and his staff made our transition into homeowners a very enjoyable experience. We recommend Pyramid Homes to anyone who may be considering the purchase of a new home.


Jason and Amy Gebhart







I have known Anwar Khalifa of Pyramid Homes, and Khalifa Inc. for 18 months. I first met Mr. Khalifa at the Parade of Homes in Tyler, TX. I was at that time interested in finding a builder to build a custom house to my specification on my property. Mr. Khalifa took an immediate interest in my house plans and offered professional advice without pressure to hire him as builder. This impressed both my wife and myself and we began to discuss the possibility of Mr. Khalifa being our contractor. Upon receiving the specifications and allowances drawn up by Mr. Khalifa, he never once during the building phase left off, cut corners, or tried to change something without consulting me or my wife first. Mr. Khalifa went out of his way to make sure we were being satisfied. Mr. Khalifa knows that customer satisfaction is extremely important in every business more especially the housing industry. His true professionalism was shown on more than one occasion during the building of our home, by his constant supervision of the job and his willingness to work one on one with me. I believe that Mr. Khalifa runs a tight liner, so to speak, because he will not let shoddy work pass and his employees seem to know that.



After closing and moving into our new home we noticed a few discrepancies in which we made a list and pass it on the Mr. Khalifa. Mr. Khalifa took the list, not only professionally but also actually seemed excited in making sure we had the best possible house.



My relationship with Mr. Khalifa has continued throughout our first year in the home and Mr. Khallfa has continued to offer advice and service. We have a top-notch house built by a top-notch builder and we are proud to show it off. I will continue to recommend Mr. Khalifa to others that may be interested in building a new home.


Richard Smith









This letter is to inform you of how my husband and I feel about Anwar Khalifa. We bought our home in May of 1999. We were new to Texas and looked at many homes. We found our dream house at Oasis South. We met Anwar; he showed us his homes with great pride. This is part of the reason we bought here.


This our second time for buying a house, he could not have made easier for us. He worked with our banker and made sure we new exactly what we needed. We did not use a realtor because we felt we could trust him right from time beginning.


We have had some problems with our house, Paint chipping at the window seals, no plug in for our bathtub; front door had gap small things like this. I have to say some times it took Anwar longer than it should have to get some of these things fixed but they got fixed.


We have lived in our house now for almost 3 years and we still don’t hesitate to tell Anwar if something goes wrong or something needs fixed. He could say to us “That’s not my responsibility anymore” but he doesn’t he always try’s to take care of us. He has been more than fair to us and we would not hesitate to ask him to

build for us again.




Harold & Lorie Wilson





Purchasing a home can be a stressful time in ones life, but my wife and I have had very little stress through the complete process from the first brick to the day we closed on our house. We have had some minor deficiencies that are to be expected with new construction however, Mr. Khalifa’s company has either repaired, replaced or set up times to further inspect these areas to be addressed.




Chris Jones


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