Things get ugly in Tea Town USA competition

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - McCalister's Deli is sponsoring a contest to see who will be named "Tea Town USA." Right now, an East Texas city, Longview, is winning!

But, a TV station in the second place city, Charlotte, North Carolina, produced a tongue in cheek report that poked some fun at our Longview!

Some in Longview are responding with a "we'll see about that!"

People we spoke with at McAlister's Deli in Longview feel genuinely insulted and feel that now more than ever they deserve the title of Tea Town USA so in your face Charlotte!

The war of words started when a Charlotte morning show portrayed Longview as place no one has ever heard of, and where everyone lives in trailers.

"That's stupid," said Destiny Wood, 17. "They're just jealous because we're beating them."

"It's very desperate since they have seven locations and we only have,"said Dale Turner.

"I think we're bigger than that [trash talk]," said Whitney Baker. "We just are in it to win it."

Is anyone sure where Charlotte really is?

"No one knows where they are," said Morgan Bobo.

"On the outskirts of Texas?" said Turner. "Um, North Carolina?"

People say pluses in Longview's favor are:
We have running water. 
No one is confused about what state we're in.
Thankfully we don't have to root for the bobcats or the panthers.
We're not named after the lady who starred on the facts of life.
And we're just plain nicer people!

"Longview is an awesome community," said Whitney Baker, a McAlister's manager. "We are more of a family...We're #1!

That makes Charlotte #2.

So we say to our pesky rivals somewhere in the Carolina's, "Check the vote count. Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte."

The town that wins gets a money prize that will go towards improvement of city parks. Longview is winning, but you can still vote, if you have a Facebook account. Click here!

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