East Texas brides following national trend, spending more

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Can brides save the economy? Apparently they are trying. According to the web site, The Wedding Report, budgets have increased by nearly 22% nationwide in the first half of 2010. But, is this happening in East Texas?

Marisela Olivares is planning her wedding. She, like most brides, has a budget: A maximum of $15,000 - which is about $9,000 less than the national average, but still a good chunk of change.

"We have other plans so we're definitely trying to stay on budget," said Marisela.

JoAnn Owers owns Brides and Belles in Tyler. She has noticed brides-to-be are spending a little more than a year ago, and they are thinking ahead.

"They're saying we're going to get married anyway...we're going to save for this four to six months and we're not going to put it on credit cards," she said.

Some couples are shifting funds around.

"They may cut back in some areas in order to spend in other areas," said JoAnn.

"We are trying to find a good deal on a photographer. That's where the majority of the money is right now so we're trying to cut back on that," confirmed Marisela.

According to the Wedding Report, a good wedding planner can save you up to 10% on wedding costs, which can make them pay for themselves. Marisela taking care of business herself for now, but does have help getting the event set up.

"Actually, the place we are getting married they are going to assign us a wedding planner for a month before…but I've been doing everything by myself," said Marisela. "We're having our ceremony at the same place and they have catering, the venue, everything included…so basically I just have to worry about the wedding party."

The wedding report also says A La Carte services are up by 84%, and Marisela is insisting on a sit down dinner on her special day.

Brides are not the only people spending more money. Guests are spending an average of $253.00 per gift. A jump of 53%, according to the Wedding Report.

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