Jacksonville fire fighter shocked working fire, recovering

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JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A Jacksonville firefighter is recovering after getting shocked by 120-volts. He was responding to a house fire in the 900 block of Fort Worth Street about 7:30 Tuesday night when the accident happened.

The firefighter who was shocked is David Glidewell. We are told he has been with the department more than 12 years.

"When I was in the garage, I could see that it was on fire," said homeowner Jackie Mayfield, referring to the breaker box in the back of his home.

Fire Marshal Dennis Tate says water dripping on it caused a short, starting an electrical fire. Before calling 9-1-1, Mayfield took action.

"I put some rubber gloves on and I switched the switches down and sparks came out," said Mayfield.

When Jacksonville fire crews arrived just moments later, they had to pinpoint and attack the blaze inside the wall.

"They were trying to cut out the wood to get to the fire," said Mayfield.

But, what they could not see was this metal conduit, which firefighter David Glidewell hit with his chainsaw.

"He got a little deep with the saw and cut through the pipe," said Tate.

He says Glidewell was shocked with about 120 volts - enough to send him to a hospital.

"Just a good little jolt, you know, through his whole body," said Tate. "He said his fingers and toes went numb."

Fortunately, Glidewell was treated and released and Mayfield is happy because his home was spared.

"We saved him and everything else."

Fire Marshall Tate says this just reinforces how careful they have to be. He says Glidewell is still sore, but he is expected to be back at work Thursday.

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