Does it Work?: E-Z Egg Cracker

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Joe Terrell - bio | email | Twitter
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is one of the biggest faux pauxs you can commit in kitchen - pieces of egg shell in your baked goods. But, one gadget claims to end that problem forever. No egg is safe. Does it Work? tests the E-Z Cracker's claim of ''perfectly cracked eggs, every time''.

The first look at the contraption makes you wonder what was wrong with the person who dreamed this up.

The E-Z Cracker pushes the egg down onto these blades to crack it. Think of the blades as the edge of a bowl. Except the blades make for a very clean break.

The egg loads easily. Just place in the rings and crack. It left no shell in the bowl.

Cool, but not as cool as using the separator!

Over and over the E-Z Cracker with separator performed perfectly.

About the only criticism we have for the E-Z Cracker is shelling hard boiled eggs. It works, but not quite as well as it does in the commercials. Still left a little to be peeled.

Yeah, the E-Z Cracker might be a little overkill for when you need to crack just one egg. But if you want shell-free eggs every time or you have mass cracking you need to do, it is awesome.

Does it work? Eggs are in big trouble with this it in your kitchen. We put it the E-Z Cracker the top 10 products we've ever tested. We give it a "yes."

The E-Z Cracker is in very, very high demand. We got ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $14.99.

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