Pet pup 'kidnapped,' found injured along highway

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In the middle of the day, Tyler Police say two Hispanic males were seen breaking into a home on Alta Mira Drive in between Loop 323 and Golden Road.

Besides stealing some electronics, the victim's family says their pet dachshund, Chandler, was taken then found injured along a busy highway Tuesday morning.

In the past 24 hours, Chandler has gone through quite an ordeal at the hands of burglars.

"If he was not in their car, he would have had to cross Loop 323 and then run down the spur, they found him on University Boulevard," said owner, Maureen Parkhill.

She does not think Chandler could have made it that far which leads her family to believe the suspects dumped the dachshund along a busy highway.

"What a horrible thing to do, in addition to invading someone's home and stealing from them, to take their dog," said Parkhill.

"Your property's gone, someone's gone in your personal belongings, they've violated your space, it's very upsetting and we treat it as serious as if someone had come in and pointed a gun at your head," said Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department.

Tyler Police say the suspects kicked in the front door of Parkhill's son's home on Alta Mira, taking a flat-screen TV and computers.

"They left the Play Station, they left a lot of things they could have taken but they were just interested in the big electronics," said Parkhill.

Chandler was the only one home.

"Fortunately, he's going to be ok," said Parkhill.

After worrying they might never see their beloved pooch again, the Parkhill's discovered Chandler had been taken to a vet by animal control officers.

"This is our miracle dachshund, did you know that?"

Now, they just want the suspects off the streets.

A neighbor describes the two suspects as Hispanic males - one heavier set, driving a pea green-colored car.

If you have any information, contact Tyler Police.

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