Got head lice? Stay in school

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The American Academy of Pediatrics found that head lice are peskier than ever and some may have become resistant to common treatments. New guidelines recommend treatment options and suggest schools do not send kids home or keep them absent if they have lice. Some parents are upset about the recommendations.

They are easy to catch, but hard to get rid of. Three of Rachel Anderson's five children were infected with head lice.

"She checked all of them and she was like, 'Oh my gracious! You just wont even believe,' and I'm like, 'Show me! Show me! Show me,' and one of them for sure she is like, 'You need a professional for this,' and I'm like. 'Oh my goodness!'" said Anderson.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released guidelines to help schools and families deal with the pesk. They say head lice pose no risk to a child's health, and kids should not be kept home from school.

"The most important piece is that schools do not need to keep treated kids out of school," said Dr. Ellen Rome, with the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital. "The night they had the shampoo, that morning, they can go back to school."

But, the guidelines also suggest some lice have become resistant to common treatments. Anderson says two of her girls were lice-free in 10 days thanks to over-the-counter treatments. But, the third is still itching and they are hoping a prescription treatment will do the trick.

"We are two months later still dealing with it," said Anderson.

So she, along with pharmacists like Roger Effinger, is concerned by the recommendations to keep kids infected with lice in classrooms.

"You clean your child up one day...He can come home with a brand new crop the next day," said Effinger.

"It is very easy to catch and it is not anything that a mom wants to have on their schedule because the amount of time it takes to get rid of this, it is just mind boggling," said Anderson.

While it may not be hazardous to their health, Anderson says it impacts a family's daily routine.

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