14 Year Anniversary Of Kimberly Norwood's Disappearance

In 1989 a Harrison county girl seemingly vanished into thin air while walking home from a friends house.

Tuesday, 14 years later, Kimberly Norwood's family still has no idea what happened to her.

For the past 14 years Bobby and Janice Norwood have been on a mission to find their daughter, Kimberely.

When she went missing she was only 12 years old.

"She was so pretty, smart, looking forward to Jr. High, band," says Janice about her daughter.

On May 19, 1989 the 12 year old girl had spent the night with a friend from her neighborhood.

The next day she called her mother.

"She called home about 10 til 5 and asked if one little girl could spend the night and I told her no and that's the last time we heard from her," says Janice.

Kimberly was last seen walking down the road off highway 449 just about a mile from her house.

After their daughter's disappearance the Norwoods did everything they could to find answers.

They even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show.

With no eye witnesses or clues it quickly became clear Harrison county investigators suspected Kimberly's father.

"Everybody in the courthouse knew they was out to get me if they could. I don't know why," says Bobby.

But Bobby Norwood passed an FBI polygraph test.

Now investigators say they don't believe he had anything to do with Kimberly's disappearance.

The Norwoods hang on to the hope that Kimberly is still alive.

"I still believe Kim is out there and we need to find her and bring her home," says Janice.

That hope is what gets the Norwoods through each day.

Amy Tatum reporting.