Senate candidate raps

An image of Greene from the video on YouTube.
An image of Greene from the video on YouTube.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV/WMBF) - A viral video and rap song advocating U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene is gaining popularity on YouTube, after it was added to the website on Wednesday.

In just two days, YouTube has clocked more than 17,500 views of the video. Greene, who is running in South Carolina, says it's something that "everyone should listen to."

It's unclear who actually released or made the song, which is about 2 1/2 minutes long and is titled "Alvin Greene Is On The Scene." (Click here to watch the full YouTube video)

On Friday, Greene spoke with WBT Radio in Charlotte about the song, which he would not take credit for, but also did not distance himself from.

"It's a hit song, it's done well, it has good rhythm, good beat," Greene said. "Good lyrics, positive, upbeat, and I'll dance to it. If they play it some place where I'm at -- I'll dance to it."

Greene, who is still charged with obscenity for allegedly showing a pornographic image to a USC college student, said that WBT should "play that on the radio all day."

Interestingly, a line in the song alludes to the lingering charge: "Well Greene's a new face in politics / And he don't show porno to college chicks!"

Parts of the song also touch on Greene's job status – he is unemployed after leaving the military under unclear conditions.

"Alvin Greene is the one for you / He knows how you feel because he's unemployed, too."

The song also talks a bit about his current living conditions, which are at home with his father in Manning, SC.

"He loves family and lives with his mom and dad," says one line in the song, which also proclaims Greene has "family values."

While Greene would not officially say the video was part of his campaign, on the Twitter page for the video's creator he Tweets: "Thank you all for making my video such a huge success, and thank you to @virgiltexas [the creator's Twitter name]"

Greene has been limited in his details for his platform for election.

The rap song keeps that same theme, only touching a bit on the platform saying: "Making sure the punishment fits the crime/And if you don't think that's cool enough/He's gonna give money to the schools and stuff."

On Friday, he also kept details mum.

"If everyone works with me, I will end the recession because I have real plans, real ideas, real solutions for real life issues that affect Americans in every day lives," Greene said, offering no more details.

Greene is running against Jim DeMint, who is an incumbent and was in office as a US House representative from 1999 to 2005. In the video for the song, DeMint is labeled with giant white letters superimposed on his face saying "What A Bad Man" and lyrics that proclaim DeMint "should get ready to lose."

"My opponent has nothing, my opponent doesn't care about South Carolina, or the USA," Greene said Friday.

Greene also revealed his next campaign appearance: August 7 at the North Charleston High School gym at 4 p.m.

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