SC teen tasered 3 times at bowling alley

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Just hours after learning a fellow Goose Creek police officer was shot, two off-duty officers working security at the Royal Z Bowling Alley watched a situation of underage drinking quickly escalate.

According to police, two off-duty Goose Creek police officers spotted 18-year-old Tyrone Butler pouring a beer into his cup from the pitcher of his friend, 23-year-old Antwun Whitney early Tuesday morning. The officers approached him and asked for his identification. Butler then ran towards the lockers of the Royal Z Bowling Alley.

That is when one off-duty officers tased Butler. Police said he wouldn't comply so they tased him again. He then got up off the floor and reached for his waist area and was tased a third time.

At that point, police had him under control and found him carrying a loaded .32 caliber revolver. Tammy McHone lives in Goose Creek and feels safer knowing that businesses hire off-duty police officers for security.

"I have two children and one is driving now. They go up there to bowl. It makes me feel glad they have someone there that knows what they are doing," McHone said.

The mother of two said off-duty officers are a good start, but the recent crime has her thinking twice about where she sends her children.

"It does especially if my younger one was there," McHone added. "If they go as a group it doesn't make me as worried."

Harlena James has lived in Goose Creek for 32 years. She said knowing there are off-duty police officers out at nights makes her feel a certain way.

"Safer. Law enforcement, they are doing their job," James said.

Lt. Karen Nix of the Goose Creek Police Department said she has no concerns over the way her officers handled the situation. Especially after learning a fellow officer had just been shot a few miles away.

Nix said the Royal Z Bowling Alley hires off-duty police officers as security every Friday, Saturday and Monday night, to deal with the large crowds.

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