Bowling Smackdown

KLTV Sports and Weather teamed up for a challenge on the bowling lanes.  A women's bowling team in Longview wanted their shot.  The ladies recently won their men's bowling league.

"It's not all men," said Sharla Roberts.  "But it mostly is. It was a our first year and we won."

So the ladies we're feeling confident.  The match was one game.  Each team has three bowlers.  The top combined score wins.

The 7 Sports guys brought Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto to complete their trio.  But the guys were down four pins through three frames.

Sharla and her teammate Sandra popped some early strikes, and the ladies led by 17 pins in the fifth frame.

Then Coleman started rolling strikes.  Three in a row.  That's a turkey.  Ryan added another strike and the guys kept rolling spares.  In the end, the 7 Sports team held on to win 380 to 342.

"It was a lot of fun," said Roberts.  "We're just not really morning people."

The ladies were good sports in defeat, donating 100 dollars to the East Texas Food Bank.