Bill White makes stops in East Texas

TATUM, TX (KLTV) - TATUM, TX (KLTV) - The Democratic challenger for the Texas governor's office made a stop in East Texas Thursday.

Former Houston mayor, Bill White, was touring Tatum, talking up his campaign with prospective voters.

White discussed everything from bringing business to Texas, to bi-lingual education , to computer technology education. He did a meet-and-greet with athletes at Tatum high schools indoor facility. White's focus was not only to pitch his campaign but to listen to the voters concerns.

"What I'm hearing is that Texans want somebody to run that state like a well run business, not like a political machine," said White. "They're tired of the sound-bites. They want solutions. They understand that Texas is a great state. No politician should take credit for that. They want somebody in this state who can prepare for a better future for Texas."

Bill White is making more than a dozen stops in East Texas during this tour.

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