Dog tossed from car, hit, rescued says caretakers

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Courtney Lane - bio | email
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SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Detectives in Smith County are investigating a possible animal cruelty case where a dog was tossed out of a car along a busy highway.

It happened along Highway 155 near Lakeway Habor in Smith County. Two witnesses report seeing the dog get hit by an oncoming car there.

We want to warn you some of the content in this story may upset you. But this "tale" does have a happy ending.

Some East Texans are calling an apparently abandoned Border Collie-mix Rosie Roadrash.

"She was not at an intersection," said Deborah Tittle-Dobbs, with the SPCA of East Texas. "She was in the middle of the road and she just stopped and the car doors opened and the dog was put out and off she went."

After being tossed out, witnesses say Rosie ran after her.

"This dog had obviously bonded with its owner and was frightened," said Tittle-Dobbs.

In the middle of the highway, witnesses say Rosie was hit by an oncoming car before they could get to her.

Deborah Tittle-Dobbs is taking up a large portion of Rosie's vet bills, which include treatment for lacerations on her head and legs and numerous skin abrasions.

"Road rash is on her and loss of hair so it looks like she might have tumbled and rolled under and then maybe she rolled right back out and that maybe saved her life," said Tittle-Dobbs.

Deborah is helping launch an SPCA in East Texas because she says shelters are at their max and more people are dumping their pets because of financial hardships.

"I'm sure there's another side to this story, but there were other things she could have done," said Tittle-Dobbs.

Rosie's caretakers say she is still emotionally scarred but her wounds are healing.

The driver may have gotten away initially, but Deborah is confident detectives will find her. The woman who rescued Rosie and found her on the side of the road is nursing her back to health. Deborah says that driver could face a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

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