Marine Comes Home To New Baby Girl

For Jody Tucker, the birth of her second daughter just a couple of weeks ago was mixed with both joy and sadness.

Her husband, Travis, is a Marine and was in Iraq when the baby was born.

But the family just got word Monday that Travis is headed home.

Jody met her husband Travis through a friend three years ago.

They had a whirlwind romance.

She says she knew he was the one after he asked her out on their first date.

"Two days after that he asked me to marry him and I was like, 'yes'," says Jody.

But Travis was a Marine stationed in North Carolina and Jody followed.

Soon the couple had their first child, Leanne.

It's not hard to understand why the blue eyed blonde, is the apple of her daddy's eye.

"They play together and he takes her outside, they play together. I bet she can do just about as many pull-ups as he can. He's a fantastic dad," says Jody.

Soon Jody and Travis were expecting their second child.

But when Jody was just six months pregnant the war in Iraq changed everything.

Soon Jody and Leanne returned to Gilmer so her mother could be there for the new baby's birth.

Bethany Kaye arrived just two weeks ago.

She is the spitting image of her father.

As joyous as the occasion is Jody says giving birth to Bethany without her husband, was the most difficult thing she has ever done.

"It was okay because I was with family but it was hard."

But Monday Jody received a call from her husband saying he's headed home.

He'll be back in Gilmer Thursday or Friday ready to see the apple of his eye.

"She's definitely a daddy's girl," says Jody about the couple's two year old.

But there's no doubt the new baby girl will be a daddy's girl too.

Jody is making plans to move herself and her two girls back to Travis' Marine base in North Carolina soon.

But she won't be alone.

Jody's sister recently married a Marine and he's also stationed in North Carolina.

Amy Tatum, reporting.