East Texas kids releasing stress through yoga

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Even the youngest East Texans are getting in touch with their inner peace in yoga studios.

"With yoga, we try to effect the mind somewhat," said Beverly Massey, a yoga instructor.

The age limit for this particular yoga class is 12 years old. Massey says the principles still apply to all ages.

"Children have stress, also," said Massey. "If an oak tree is anything less than an oak tree, then we are all in trouble. They are kids. If they're less than kids, then something's not right with the world."

Massey says the idea is to help kids focus, concentrate and be their best selves. The idea is catching on.

"It made me feel real relaxed because some of these boys haven't been real nice, so I felt better," said Rachel Berkley, 8.

"It was fun, and a little painful," said Kyra Mason, 7.

They are stretching their young muscles mentally and physically pose after pose.

"When you're relaxed, it just feels better," said Kaleb Arteaga.

Wednesday's yoga class is part of an entire week of activities designed to keep "Kids in Motion" during the summer.

"Obesity and diabetes, and even high blood pressure are things that kids are faced with now - not just adults," said Gina Baxter, an ETMC exercise specialist. "So introducing them to a lot of exercises gives them a way to pick something that they like and maybe they'll carry on through their lives."

"Try it!" said Rachel.

"The light in me, honors the light in you...namaste," said Massey.

The class is offered as part of ETMC's Kids in Motion summer fitness camp.

For more information about the next session, click here.

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