Bodies discovered in Gregg County

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

GREGG COUNTY (KLTV) - The Gregg County Sheriff's Office is investigating two bodies that were discovered hours apart on Tuesday evening.

Gregg County Sheriff's deputies are now investigating a body found near the Sabine River.

A fisherman saw the first body on FM 2087 near the Sabine River and a railroad crossing around 4:15 Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities say it's a woman's body, but they are not able to identify the body's race, age, or how long it had been there, but they are investigating the case as a homicide.

Less than three hours later, deputies had to investigate another body that was found in the Riverside RV Park on Highway 42 North.

Witnesses say a man drove up to a residence, got out of his vehicle, shot another man, and drove away. The shooting victim was pronounced dead in front of one of the residences inside the park.

The Gregg County Sheriff's Office and DPS are on the scene investigating. Deputies were armed with assault rifles while looking near the boat ramp that allows access to the Sabine River. A K-9 unit was also on the scene, believed to be part of the search for the man witnesses say fled the scene.

It is unknown at this time if the two bodies discovered tonight are connected to each other in any way. The name of the shooting victim has not been released, and Gregg County investigators tell KLTV 7 that they will go through missing persons reports to try and identify the first body.

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