NC man reportedly running new al-Qaeda online magazine

By Molly Grantham - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In 2007, WBTV spent several weeks following a Charlotte man who wrote a pro-Jihad blog from his parent's home in north Charlotte.

A short time later, Samir Khan's website was shut down.

Sources now say the 25-year-old Khan is in Yemen.  According to national news reports, Khan is the author of the first al-Qaeda online magazine in English entitled, "Inspire."

The magazine has a flashy and slick appearance.  One of the articles shows readers how to construct a bomb using kitchen items.

There are also articles included in the publication that were reportedly written by Usama Bin Laden.

Anti-American sentiments are a constant theme throughout 60-page publication.

The U.S. government is aware of Khan's publication.  It was first brought to the attention of the general public late last week.

On Monday night, both CNN and FOX News were reporting that Khan flew to Yemen on a round-trip ticket, but he has yet to return back to the country.

Both media outlets quote high-level government sources which say Khan is the new author of the al-Qaeda magazine.

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