Mineola couple's 3-year-old daughter drowns

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Courtney Lane - bio | email
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WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Wood County Sheriff's Department is issuing a warning to anyone who has a pool following a tragic weekend drowning.

On Saturday, an East Texas 3-year-old girl drowned in her own backyard. It happened just outside or Mineola in Wood County, in the 3000 block of FM 1801. EMS immediately responded to the scene, but the toddler did not survive.

The little girl had been in the pool earlier that day, according to the Wood County Sheriff's Department. She was outside with her dad, but he saw her go back in the house. He thought she was with her mom inside and the mother thought she was still outside being watched by her father. Somehow, investigators say the toddler climbed back into the pool without them seeing her in their backyard. It was not a large underground pool either. Authorities say it was just a blow-up, above ground pool.

Around water this summer, investigators say you can't be safe enough especially with small children.

"You can't watch children 24/7...but if it can be easily dismantled, play it safe," said Sergeant William Burge, with the Wood County Sheriff's Department. "Dismantle the pool, let the water out, it doesn't take that long to fill it back up. If it can't be, if it's an underground pool or elaborate above ground pool, put some type of barrier around it. Always be safe always think the unexpected can happen."

Authorities say the little girl, Crisslyn Thompson was actually improving even at one point breathing on her own while being worked on at a local hospital. But, later she was flown to Dallas, which is where she was pronounced dead.

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