East Texans Remember Laney Boys Allegedly Murdered by Mother

"They were fun boys to be around," says Ernest Davis a family friend at today's funeral. "They loved riding their bikes they loved to sing loved to dance they loved to go to church."

And that is exactly how 8 year old Joshua and 6 year old Luke Laney will always be remembered. Today family and friends said goodbye to the two boys who touched their lives.

Just one week ago, police found their bodies in their front yard. Their mother told police she had killed them. But today the focus was not on what happened, but on the two children who friends and family say are in a better place.

"I believe in God's word," says Davis. "He said their would be life after death and I believe in his word. I believe the Bible to the fullest."

The service was closed to the media, but we're told a children's choir sang Luke and Joshua's favorite song. Pastor Gary Bell, the boys uncle, spoke to the crowd of  hundreds and described his nephews as fun loving, playful children. Pastor Bell said Luke loved animals -- especially his horse and Joshua was just like his dad, he loved to work and build things.

At the end of the service, the people who knew the boys best tried to comfort one another -- but friends said the right words were sometimes hard to come by.

"Only thing I could tell them is that I am praying for them," said Davis.

Praying the family find for comfort, peace, and the strength to go on without the boys they loved so much.

Joshua and Luke's 15 month old brother, Aaron, is still at Children's Medical Center in Dallas in critical condition. He was found in a pool of blood in his crib when police arrived on the scene last week. Their mother, Deanna Laney is charged with two counts of capitol murder and one count of aggravated assault. She is in the Smith County jail.