Hallsville Man Finds Dog Tags Buried For 60 Years

One Washington state man is thankful to be getting a long forgotten piece of his history back, thanks to an East Texan. Tommy Davis is a coin collector, but when he was searching with a metal detector at the Gladewater Rodeo grounds, he found a piece of history that had been buried in the ground for 60 years-- dog tags belonging to a World War II army veteran named Robert Henson.

Instead of keeping it as a souvenir, Davis went to the Internet and made another amazing discovery.

At the exact same address on the dog tags in Spokane, Washington, lived the now 79 year old Henson, who was overwhelmed to learn he'd get his old tags back.

In 1943, then 19 year old, Robert Henson was stationed in East Texas and lost his dog tags at the Gladewater Rodeo.

For both men it's a special chance to share the remarkable recovery of an item that has brought them together from over 2-thousand miles apart.

Davis plans to mail the tags back to the veteran, while Henson plans to make a trip to Texas later this year to meet Davis.