Detectives Search For Officer's Killer

The investigation into the murder of an Anderson County officer continues tonight. Detectives collected ballistics and other evidence from the car of 39-year old Sergeant Investigator "Shelby Green" Thursday morning. Any shell casings pulled from Shelby's car will be added to a growing pile of bullets collected at the bridge and roadway where he was found shot Wednesday morning.

Investigators returned to the scene early Thursday with metal detectors, hoping to find more shell casings or possibly discarded weapons.

Meanwhile, back at the Sheriffs Office in Palestine, a memorial set up for Sergeant Green drew in more supporters.

"It was devastating because my dad has been a cop for so long, and I worry about him all the time," says Lisa McClure, who delivered a dozen roses with one of her friends.

The locations of shell casings found on F-M 2961 seem to indicate the shoot-out lasted for at least a half-mile, according to investigators. So far, the Anderson County Sheriff's Department has received several leads on a silver or grey pick-up truck that Shelby called in before his death. The details were sketchy, but authorities say the truck is possibly a Chevy model.

Authorities are waiting for ballistics tests to confirm what type of weapon the killer or killers used.