East Texan getting controversial message to the masses

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PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - East Texan, Ellis Miller, is determined to get his message to the masses on billboards. His method, drawing criticism and support, now continues with a new political statement for those driving south of Palestine.

From a distance it could be the heat making a mirage. It is when drivers get closer they find the fuzzy sign doesn't sell, but makes a serious statement.

"We live in Texas," said Kimo Perkins. "Everything is big in Texas."

Including the opinion of Miller, the man now behind three billboards posing political questions to passers by.

"I put up the signs and I'll put up others," said Miller. "What I'm seeing with Obama is frightening to me."

So frightening, Miller's latest sign labels the president an "Obamanation" to our nation.

"If that's how that man feels, then we have a right to the first amendment," said Perkins.

Sherell Shivers had not seen the billboard and after seeing a photo she did not want to.

"He's not an abomination," she said adding that the statement hurts.

"[I am] really shocked to see the billboard with that kind of message," said Bill Wright.

The message? One Miller didn't even plan on, until the billboard company Lamar refused his first draft, featuring a smooth talking, charismatic, Fidel Castro. It is a comparison he says is well supported.

"I feel that God favors me on this," Millers said. "Not only that but intellect favors me. Patriotism favors me."

But not all drivers on Highway 287 follow suit. Bill Wright voted Republican in '08.

"I think its unnecessary," Wright said. "Even if I had voted for him, I'd have the same opinion."

Sherell Shivers respects Miller's protest, but suggests a different means of sharing.

"I feel like he's spending a lot of unnecessary money that he could be spending on helping children that's hungry or anything," she said.

For now, the signs remain, spreading an opinion if for just a few seconds.

Miller's campaign will soon move from the roadside to online. He is currently creating a website, www.fightthedragons.com to connect with other like-minded people to raise money for future billboards.

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