A Better East Texas: LeBron vs Romo – No contest

We all witnessed the LeBron-a-thon recently as Lebron James, one of, if not the best basketball player in the NBA kept the sports world on edge while he pondered where he was going to play next year. He finally settled on the Miami Heat because several other star players had been signed by the team. The city of Cleveland became repulsed by the decision and images on James were removed across the city. Lebron said he made the decision to leave Cleveland because it was the best decision.  Best decision?  For who?  LeBron James of course. At the age of 25, James has more money than he or his children or grand children will ever need. In contrast, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was asked recently why he has continued to keep his athletic wear line in Wal-Mart stores. Romo answered by saying that he remembered growing up and not having enough money for Air Jordans and other name brand athletic wear.  Romo's signature products range in price from five to twenty-five dollars. Now Romo has made plenty of money as well but what a difference between these two professional athletes. Lebron doing what's best for him and Tony actually considering his fan base and remembering a humble childhood. At times I wish pro sports were not as popular as they are because most athletes think doing what's best is all about them. I'll take Romo's approach every time and that will make for a Better East Texas.