Gladewater woman $100,000 richer

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Scratching a little piece of paper is not a big deal unless that scratching leads to you winning thousands of other pieces of green paper.

Jessica Casanova Lambert, 37, is a whole lot richer after a trip to her local gas station. But, winning the lottery isn't something new for the Gladewater resident.

"I've won plenty of $500s and less, but never that much," she said.

On Wednesday, she was just going through her routine of buying a few tickets to scratch off. Then, it happened.

"I have a way of doing my little tickets, and the first number that came up, after finding out if they would match, and it was the winner," she said.

The winner was more than $500...a lot more.

"I never thought I'd win $100,000! It's the very first number I scratched off," she laughed.

The win couldn't have come at a better time for Lambert. She lost her job a year ago. Her car broke down not long after that, and she didn't have the money to fix it. Then, she lost her home and had to move in with friends. Now, she says her life will change, but she won't.

"Money isn't everything," she said. "It helps to get what you need, and me, I'm not going to use it all at once. I'm thrifty, and I like sales, so I never pay full price for anything."

She already has plans to get her car fixed, and to buy her husband a car. Not a new one though.

"We're going to go used," she said. "I don't believe in having to get everything brand new. Just because you have it don't spend it."

She is also looking at homes, so she can start her own business. The woman who sold her the ticket says she deserves every bit of it.

"She got blessed," said Joanna Jones. "It's going to change everything in her life. I know she has her ups and downs, but now, she's got it turned around."

Lambert's biggest win may not be her last. Especially since the first thing she bought with all that money was "more lottery tickets."

Prior to this, the biggest prize ticket sold at the Nu Way Kwik Stop on Main Street in Gladewater was $1,000.

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