Officer Shot And Killed In Line of Duty

It's hard news for the Anderson County Sheriff's Department to accept. One of their own, criminal investigator, Sergeant Shelby Green (39) was killed in a highway shoot-out Wednesday night.

It started when Green noticed a suspicious gray or silver truck parked next to a business at the intersection of Highway 19 and FM 837 near Bradford.

"He turned in to investigate that vehicle," says Chief Deputy Mike Link, with Anderson County Sheriff's Department. "But as he approached the truck, it fled."

The pick-up lead Green six miles west on C-R 2961 to Catfish Creek Bridge. Around 12:38, Green notified dispatchers that someone in the truck had opened fire. Twenty minutes later, another officer found Green dead from a fatal gun shot wound.

"The driver's door was open and Officer Green was laying on the pavement behind it, recalls Link."

It's a hard image for many of Green's colleagues to put out of their mind.

"He lived and breathed law enforcement," remembers friend and colleague Tammy Lightfoot. "He loved being here, when he got the chance to be an investigator it just made his day."

"The people you work with depend on your very life," says friend and co-worker David Brock. "They become your extended family, and it gets real hard when things like this happen."

Investigators say bullets found near the creek and on the roadway will be the key to finding out who killed Sergeant Green. Officers combing the crime scene Thursday found Green's gun at the foot of  Catfish Creek Bridge. They believe Green fired shots in self-defense, but are waiting for ballistics tests to confirm.

"There were 6 to 8 shell cases picked up out there behind the car and in front of the car," says Green. And six shots were fired through the windshield, one came through the driver's si

"I think we will be able to determine what type of weapon the (suspect or suspects) used."